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Is A Power Of Attorney A Property Transfer Document?

By Ayobayo Babade Esq. This question was answered by the Court in OKEKE V. NNOLIM (2015) 5 NWLR (PT. 1453) PG. 444 AT 476, PARAS. D-E; 48, PARAS. E-F where the Court said that: “A power of...

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African Face of The Week

                            NAME:                                                                           Benedicta Okonta  COUNTRY:                                                                  Nigeria  STATE:   ...

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8 Swing States To Determine Next US President

By Leeanna Faulkner  The determination of who becomes the next American President between the Incumbent Donald Trump and his popular challenger Joe Biden depends on the powers and dictations of the Swing States. Leeanna Faulkner writes in The Telegraph as below: The key for either party...

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