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Happy Birthday Mummy Mo of Africa

MOSUN BELLO-OLUSOGA - Mummy Mo of Africa


Bayo Lawal

Congratulations to a Special Servant Of God

Mosun Bello Olusoga – Mummy Mo of Africa

Mrs. Mosun Bello Olusoga

Mummy Mo of Africa

On the Anniversary of Your Birthday

Mummy Mo,

Who Is Specially Impacting Positively onto The Humanity 

A Lantern of Hope To The Hopeless

A Ladder of Success To The Helpless

A Great Mentor To The Seekers of Great Heights

Mummy Mo of Africa

Beautiful But Humble

Intelligent But Quiet 

Fulfilled But Prayerful

Exposed But Natural

Mummy Mo of Africa

Great Scholar 

Captain of Industries

Mamma CKA

Mother of All Children 

Daughter of All Mothers 

Pride of All Fathers

Mummy Mo,

A  She-Man

Dedicating Her Thoughts And Actions

To The Service Of Almighty Allah

A Remarkable Golden Daughter of Africa

Happy Birthday And More Blessings Of God