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I’ll be major brand in Gospel music – Lillian

The Beautiful Sensational Nigerian Gospel Artist -Lillian was engaged by Classic Editorial Team in the Mega city of  Lagos during an  Entertainment Interaction Session organized by Bukadel Communications Limited (BCL). during the period Lillian made revealing information about her background, music , future and Covid 19.  Below is part of the interaction with the upcoming artist.

My Educational Background
I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. I attended Ilupeju Primary School between 1986 and 1990 after which I moved to School in Shasha Community High School, at Akowonjo area of Lagos for my Secondary Education. My period at Shasha Community High School was between 1991 and 1997. I later proceeded to Lagos State University (LASU) in 2005 where I graduated with Bachelor of Arts in History/International Relation in 2011. All my education has been in Lagos.

Musical Life
I started singing at the age of 17 years in church. I sang in different churches for 23 years before releasing my first single song in August 2019 titled Baba Ese. All my life I have been singing in the church. My music is all about singing about the love of Jesus and bringing the souls of men to Christ.

I am working with a private organization as marketing personnel. Also I’m into pastry business aside music. By music is my first love. I’ve faced a lot of challenges growing up lost my dad when I was a child was raised by my mother. I had to work and school at the same time to pay my University school fees till I finished.

Today I am a graduate and I’m proud of it. I have always learnt never to give up in life no matter what and I have developed a thick skin over challenges because I believe they must surely pass.
I believe in myself and I trust God completely in every phase of my life because He has always been my helper and support in life.

Memorable Day
One of my memorable days in life was the day I graduated from University.
In addition, the day I released my first single song in August 2019 was a big and fulfillment time for me.

Who is Promoting Your Musical Work?
For now, I do not have any music promoter.
I compose, write and arrange my songs by myself. However, I take lot of inspiration from my mother. My mum really Influence me positively

What Type of Music is yours?
I sing only Christian Gospel song.

Any Challenge on your Musical Career?
The major challenge is lack of financial support.

Who is Your Mentor?
I don’t have any mentor but I take time to listen to some Gospel both local and international. Growing up I used to look up to Shirley Caesar, Donnie Marcclurkin and Don Meon among others but I can’t say I have any mentor for now.

What are you looking onto?
I am looking forward to a greater height in music.
I hope that to be a major brand in Nigeria Gospel music

Effect of COVID’9 on your Job
The Covid Pandemic affected my studio production and release of more songs.

Advice other coming up artist:
Just be yourself and believe in yourself. Work on your dreams and goals in life. Never ever allow anything or any person stop you from getting there

Any Gender Effect?
I do not really believe gender has much to do with my determination to reach where I’m going. With God, there are ways for both male and female. Looking or considering influence of gender is like underrating the power of God. Music is for both male and female.

Why are you into Music?
My mission is to preach about Christ through my music. Encouraging, edifying, inspiring and ministering to souls of men and bringing them to the true place of worshipping their maker. My focus is all about singing love of God and bringing souls of men and women to Christ