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Rubber magnate, ABJ for burial 5th February

Rubber Magnate, ABJ

The burial arrangement for the popular Natural Rubber Business mogul Abel Ovbije, popularly known and called ABJ during his life time has been released by his family in Otorho – Orogun in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State.

ABJ, who died in a specialist hospital in Benin City on the 2nd of November, 2020 at the age of 51 after a brief illness. His death left many of his friends and family members in shock as he too nice and philanthropic a man to die.

Service of Songs
The Press statement released by Ovbije family of Otorho – Orogun of Delta State which was jointly signed by Chief Pius Ovbije on behalf of the family and Master Victory Ovbije on behalf of the Children. According to Press release, the burial programe for the late ABJ will start on Thursday 4th of February with Service of Song in his house, ABJ House at 2 Okonana Street, Ekredjebor, Ughelli, in Delta State.

Funeral Service
The Press Statement also revealed that the corpse will leave P.A.T. Mortuary for First Baptist Church, Ughelli on Friday 5th February at 10am for funeral. After the funeral service, the corpse will be moved in a Motor Cade to his compound at Hospital road, Orogun in Ughelli North Local Government Area for interment. The interment will be done in his compound at 12Noon and to be followed by entertainment of guests.

Outing Service
The Press Statement in conclusion stated that the outing service for the late Abel Ovbije will be held on the 7th of February at First Baptist Church, Ughelli, Delta State.

The Man ABJ
During his life time, Abel Ovbije a.k.a. ABJ was an Award Winner in the Natural Rubber Business in the Country. He had won on Several Times the Imoniyame Holdings Limited Highest Supplier of The Year which was as a result of his wide network connectivity in the Natural Rubber Geographical Zone of the Country.

His persistent strategies, love and support for his team members put him above others in the supply of rubber lumps in Nigeria. He was highly loved by the late Executive Chairman of Imoniyame Holdings Limited, Bishop S.E.K. Obrutse who used to call him Bulldozer of Rubber Industry because of his yearly rising volume of rubber supplies to Imoniyame Factory at Ughelli then.

ABJ later ventured into Rubber Processing and became a Natural Rubber Exporter besides supplying local manufacturing companies in the rubber business in Lagos and Kano. ABJ was generous, respected quiet philanthropist and loved for touching many lives in positive ways. He was also an Evangelist and an active member of First Baptist Church during his life time.
Abel Ovbije also ventured into Oil and Gas business with setting up of a Mega Filling Station on East – West Road in Ughelli, Delta State.

Abel Ovbije was the Executive Chairman of Abel Bellvic J. Nigeria Limited through which he carried out his Natural Business. He was also the Executive Chairman of Abel Bellvic, an Oil and Gas business venture incorporated by him.
Till time of his death, ABJ was Managing Osio Rubber Factory at Sapele in Delta State under lease for processing and sales of rubber business.

Abel Ovbije believed in personal efforts and never worked as salary earner throughout his life time. He started his Natural Rubber Business right from his youth age in secondary school through and after his graduation from University.

Abel Ovbije will be fondly missed and remembered by many for his service to humanity and in the house of God. The Natural Rubber Industry will miss ABJ more than any business sector in country because of his impact on the industry.

ABJ is survived by an aged mother, wife and five Children. May the soul of Abel Ovbije a.k.a. ABJ rest in perfect peace.

May the soul of Abel Ovbije a.k.a. ABJ rests in perfect peace.