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Hurray! Prince Kunle Ajetunmobi is 50

My Friend Prince Kunle Ajetunmobi is 50

It is my sincere absolute joy and happiness
To see my own blood destined brother and friend
Alhaji Prince Sulaiman Akande Adekunle Bello-Ajetunmobi
Stepping gorgeously
Into Golden Age of 50 today 29th of June, 2020

My family and I hereby thank Almighty Allah
For making today, anniversary of your birthday
An Historic Reality for you, your family and all of us
Congratulations Akande Omo-Alhaja

Adam lived 900 years-
So don’t think fifty’s old.
There are trees with twice of the age
As many rings-
Or so I’m told.
Those “tites” and “mites” in caves
Make you seem quite young.
So happy birthday, little Boy oh Boy at 50,
In Sha Allah
Your years are not half done!

Today, Adekunle Akande,
I wish you health, and wealth, and life
Long-lasting and full of cheers.
I wish you joy and peace and love
That fills each day and year.
I wish you all of God’s good gifts-
Blessings within and without.
I wish you well
And always thank God
That He gave you to me as a friend.

I wish that your golden birthday,
The 50th year of your life,
Shall shower you with joy and all blessings
And bring you no worry or strife.
A milestone of life-long gained wisdom
You’ve reached,
And I pray you shall fine
Great happiness, peace, and contentment.
For you’ve sure been
A true friend of mine.

Hadji Sulaiman Akande Omo Alhaji
Fifty is the year of the great jubilee.
So I pray that from all ill and woe
You go free.

Ore mi Akande,
,May you inherit good things,
This year and many to come
In Sha Allah
May you enjoy life,
Forget every fear.
May your body and
Be healthy and strong.
May your curses be zero
And your blessings be long!

Adekunle Akande Omo Alhaja,
Through sunshine and rain,
Through thick and through thin,
You’ve always been there
To give help to your friends.
There have been time’s.

All What Allah has given to you,

And to given to you,

Living and Non-living

Will never reduce

To increase Exponentially

For ever and ever

Congratulations to the youngest boy at 50!







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